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Hunting Dog Beeper Chargable Dog Training Collar Waterproof Dog Training Equipment Pet Electric Collar Beep Clicker

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The dog training beeper is a dog collar that is useful for outdoor hunting and training for dogs. It speeds up the training and training of dogs and can control the dog's behavior without contact.
Although some hunters wear traditional bells on the hound's neck to find prey, this dog training device has an advantage over traditional bells. When the dog is not moving, the traditional bell sounds no sound, and the dog beep sounds differently according to the movement of your dog, making it easy to find in the wild whether your dog is exercising or not. Your dog.
Size: L*W*H = 66 *70 *36 mm
type: Chargable Dog Beeper
A:Before use
1.Recharge the collar well before use.(reference to the recharge battery)
2.Open the "ON/OFF" switch to PON" status (reference the ON/OFF switch)
B:How the Beeper works
When on,and according to the mode the collar may emit beep sounds when your dog is not moving,if it has been still for at least 5 seconds.As soon as the dog moves,it is considered moving
C:Switching on and Switching off the beeper collar
1.Switching on the collar
To switch on the beeper collar,Press and hold the On/Off button for 1 second.When you heard 2 beeps and see the red LED flash,then release the on/off button,the collar is power on.(Note:You press and hold on/off button for 2 seconds when turning it on,You can enter changing operating modes)
2.Switching off the collar
Press and hold on/off button for 1 second when the collar are in working status,you can hear one long beep and see red led,then release on/off button,The collar is power off.
D:Changing operating modes and selecting tones
BP-118L Beeper Collar allows you to locate one to four dogs at the same time (with four different tones).Either when they are pointing,or when they are moving or pointing.
To change the tone emitted by your Beeper Collar or to change operating modes,when turning it on,you need to press and hold the On/Off button for 2 seconds.The beeper enter Changing Operating Modes.
The collar emits a number of beep sounds (from 1 to 8) to show operating modes from 1 to 8.
Modes 1 to 8 run through as long as you press and hold on the On/Off button .
Release the On/Off the button as soon as you have reached the desired mode:the collar will memorize the configuration chosen.The next time you turn it on,BP-118L will be in the mode you selected last.



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